Miguel Andujar Proving His Hard Work Is Paying Off

Bronx Bomber Blues spring training media staff report positive reports on Miguel Andujar defense and offense are showing up.


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LAKELAND, Fla. — Phil Nevin started 463 games at third base throughout his 12-year big league career, thus whereas baseball diamond coach Carlos Mendoza has been charged with to provide help for Bronx Bomber Miguel Andujar improve his defense at third, Nevin watches the 24-year-old closely, as well. That’s what Nevin was doing within the bottom of the third against the Tigers on Sunday with Detroit’s Jordy Mercer at the plate against Danny Coulombe.“I was keeping my eye on him at that moment,’’ same Nevin, WHO was managing the split squad to a 2-2 tie against the Tigers at Joker Marchant bowl whereas Aaron Boone was back in city with the opposite squad.

“Mercer could be a pull hitter.” And Mercer hit grounder ground ball to Andujar’s right. Andujar lunged to reach the ball and created a powerful throw to Luke Voit initially that the speedy Mercer beat out. Still, Nevin did think it a positive play by Andujar, has duplicated his primary focus within the offseason was up to his focus on defense.“His timed steps and landing is outstanding,’’ Nevin remarked. “His feet areas from under his feet help plant him. His initial footwork towards the ball — I’m not gonna say he doesn’t get to the baseball ball last year, however, he’s actually covering additional ground.’’

Miguel Andujars’ work began early during the offseason once Mendoza and Manager Aaron Boone visited Andujar in his native Dominican Republic at the Yankees baseball complex and it continues together with Andujar engaged on his own and repeatedly with Mendoza before early spring camp in the Yankees Tampa complex.“I undoubtedly feel more confident out there,’’ Andujar same through his interpreter before the sport. “I feel additional ready for each pitch. i do know that’s mandatory .’’The Yankees have been committed to Andujar at third because the team principally stayed out the Manny Machado sweepstakes and saw Nolan Arenado sign an extension to remain with the Rockies.

Circumstances may change or update quickly, except for time being, Andujar is our guy.“He simply desires reach higher,’’ Mendoza same. “When we met with him during offseason, we never not even mentioned Machado. Are fully confident in desired him to pay special attention to what he was doing and it’s paying off. His feet position is much faster at this time.’’ And perhaps the play he displayed on Sunday can prove to the Yankees additional optimism that Andujar can and will succeed at third.“It’s noticeable, particularly within the last week, that he’s applying what he did over the winter and also the 1st few weeks of early preseason,’’ Nevin claimed. “The results are working out perfectly.’’Andujar additionally added 2 opposite-field hits, including a double to right during the seventh inning of the gave vs the Detroit Tigers.

“He is using the total field, going the opposite way,’’ Nevin claimed. “That’s him right there, loads of extra-base hits.”He had fifty-eight of them a year past ANd an OPS rating of .838 when grabbing the everyday job thanks in large part to Brandon Drury played badly early within the season.Andujar same he’d prefer to be a lot of consistent at the plate in 2019, within outside of a 17-game stretch from late April to a period of time when he struggled in offense, Andujar was among the Yankees’ steadiest hitters. That didn’t enough stop him on playing, though, in their season-ending loss to Red Sox in the ALDS, as the Yankees went with Neil Walker at third.“I can’t predict the long run, however, I would like to be out there and to provide the most effective evidence of being able to perform,’’ Andujar added. “That’s the mentality.’’

RJ Suitor Bronx Bomber Blues Founder, Sports Media Director and Site Manager explains “My staff has been sending back some very positive reports on Miguel Andujar in his defense improvement, his footing and how he attacks the ball with outstanding throws to first base. I am being told he is hitting the ball to all fields with authority. It certainly looks like the Yankees have a budding star who will continue to demonstrate he owns the Yankees third base position. Our insiders are very pleased with what they are seeing in Andujar.”

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