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New York Yankees Defeat Tampa Bay Rays 6 to 2

The New York Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 6 to 2 for their 9th consecutive win in spring training baseball action. The Yankees remain in first place in MLB Grapefruit League.

Bronx Bomber Blues Spring Training Report: Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez Paces Yankees Offense, Luis Cessa Earns His 2nd Grapefruit League Win, As Yankees Beat Tampa For 9th Straight Win.

Tampa, FL Greg Bird belted his 3rd spring training home run, Gary Sanchez had two hits including an RBI double as theNew York Yankees handily defeated the Tampa Bay Rays  6 to 2 in today’s MLB Grapefruit league action.  The victory was the 9th straight win for the Yankees who stand in first place in Florida’s Grapefruit League with a 15-6 win-loss record.

Luis Cessa in line for one of the open starting pitching roles due to starting pitching injury of the Yankees regular starter Luis Severino and CC Sabathia slowed rehab start to open the regular season. continued a bright spring performance. Cessa threw 4 scoreless innings against the Tampa Ray’s following a 1 inning opener by Chad Green who was touched up by Tampa for 1 run 2 hits in the first inning.  Cessa gave up just 2 hits no walks while striking out 5 Ray batters.

Tampa Bay starter Tyler Glassnow dropped to a 0-4  record, got the start for Rays and the Yankees unloaded on Glassnow scoring early and often with  4 hits 5 runs 4 walks in 3.2 innings pitched.  The Rays used 5 pitchers in the game.

Bronx Bomber Greg Bird launched a solo home run in the 5th inning his 3rd home run of the season. Gary Sanchez went 2 for 3 including a 2-run double. Billy Burns added 2 hits to lead the Bronx Bombers offense. See  Box Score MLB.Com

The Yankees will travel Wednesday the 20th to West Palm Beach to take on the Houston Astros at FITTEAM Ball Park of the Palm Beaches, the game  time will be 1:05 PM EST

Bronx Bomber Blues Notes:

Yankee Set Up Man Dellin Betances Placed On Injured List Start of Season
Yankees all-star Set-up reliever Dellin Betances will be placed on the injured list to start the regular season due to right shoulder impingement or inflammation according to Yankees General Manager.  

Bronx Bomber Blues a New York Based online media blog is covering spring training reports on the New York Yankees for their dedicated Yankee fan base at 

Bronx Bomber Blues is a online sports media reporting on the New York Yankees MLB franchise. Bronx Bomber Blues features Breaking News, Baseball Yankee Rumors Live Chat, Live Game Threads and more.RJ Suitor – | Public Relations

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New York Yankees Topple Atlanta Braves 7 to 4

Bronx Bomber Blues Spring Training Report The New York Yankees defeated the Atlanta Braves by a score of 7 to 4 in Grapefruit League Action. In Yankees related news the New York Yankees signed Free Agent Gio Gonzalez To a minor league contract reported 3 million dollars plus incentives if he makes the Yankees playing roster.

Bronx Bomber Blues To All Yankee Fans ” Start Spreading The News” The Yankees Win Again; Their 8th Win In A Row In Spring Training Grapefruit League Action

Story a press release as featured compliments of Hype News

Kissimmee FL  Masahiro Tanaka pitched 5 solid innings of 2 hit 1 run ball Luke Voit slammed a solo home run while Aaron Judge knocked in two runs with a 2-run triple as the New York Yankees defeated the Atlanta Braves 7 to 4 at Champion Stadium in front of Atlanta Braves spring training home crowd of 10,750 paid attendance.

Tanaka pitched well cruised right along with little trouble walking 2 and striking out 7 Braves batters. Tanaka raised his spring record to 2 -0 with a 3.00 era

Atlanta Braves Bryse Wilson started the game going  4 innings 5 hits 3 runs earned walking 1 striking out 4 strikeouts took the loss dropping to 2-2 3.29 era

The Yankees accumulated 10 hit with no errors while the Braves recorded 9 hits and 1 error.  In addition to Voit and Judge Austin Romine led the Yankees in hits going 3 for 4 with 2 rbi’s to help the Yankees winning effort.

Daniel Alvarez the 5th of 5 Yankee pitchers pitched a scoreless 9th inning giving up 1 hit while striking out 2 got credit for the save his first of the year. The Yankees raised their record to 14-6 good for first place in Florida’s Grapefruit League.   MLB Box Score  by

New York Yankees Sign Left-Handed Free Agent Pitcher Gio Gonzalez 

Bronx Bomber Blues news notes that various media reports that the New York Yankees have signed Free Agent Pitcher Gio Gonzalez to a minor league deal for 3 Million Dollars plus incentives. if he is placed on the roster. Gonzalez can opt out of the deal by April 20th if he is not placed on the major league roster according to a source as told by ESPN,  Buster Olney.

Bronx Bomber Blues Spring Training Report: Bronx Bomber Blues Media Team covers the New York Yankees Grapefruit League action visit for more stories, insider news, and Yankees Chat

The Key To Baseball Sports Media Success By Bronx Bomber Blues

The key to media success is to harness your brand out on the web. Part of that is writing content rich articles on the web.

Now one key is knowing your sport or team. In our case would be the New York Yankees MLB baseball franchise

Now baseball is a very interesting sports media topic.

Sports media in itself is an interesting topic to discuss or write about.

So you are these Bronx Bombers one might ask?

Yankees Were Not Always The Bronx Bombers

The New York Yankees were not always the Bronx Bombers nor did thy always play at the house that Ruth Built…meet the New York HIghlanders and their history

Not not like their current powerhouse lineup, the greatest dominant team in yank sports got off to somewhat of a rocky beginning . Not solely did the city of New York Highlanders, currently referred to as the Yankees, have a losing record multiple years, the team’s 1st home field was a mess: it had been placed close to a swamp, the piece of ground had no grass, and also the ballpark was placed principally unfinished. in barely six weeks, five hundred men in haste designed the construction on Great White Way and 168th Street in Washington Heights, referred to as as an area referred to at the time the top of a hilltop Park, in time for the Highlander’s initial game on In the month of April 30th, 1903. thanks to the unsavory, rock-filled conditions, the last major league game at summit Park was completed in Oct of 1912. Following its closure, the Highlanders modified their name to the Yankees in 1913, relocated to Bronx, and went on to become one among the greatest flourishing sports organizations within the world.

The team that vacated to Manhattan was originally the City of the Baltimore Orioles, the franchise sold to Joseph Gordon, Bill Devery and Frank Farrell for $18,000 in 1903. The American Division accepted the team into the American Division team League in the year 1903, the General Partners modified the club’s name to the Highlanders and quickly created the all-wooden ball park at very top of the hill Park on the most west side of Broadway between one hundred and sixty fifth and 168th Streets. Construction of the park, formally referred to as the the American League Park, cost $200,000 with over 66% cost spent for rock blasting and excavations.

With a capacity for seating of estimated sixteen thousand 16 ,000 fans, the ballpark was quite massive for its time, measurement roughly nine.6 acres. throughout this era of baseball, overflow crowds were allowed gather within the perimeter of the outfield and while official big games, additional fans may stand down the foul lines and between base and also the backstop. estimated seating room was presumably nearer to twenty five thousand 25,000 fans.

Upon its first official grand opening , the stadium’s condition was poor. A swamp in right field had not been covered up or renovated , the fields lacked grass and players had get dressed for the game in the motel rooms before the sport as a result of the club wasn’t prepared. Despite being incomplete, stadium provided fans with scenic views of the Hudson and New Jersey Palisades. an editorial within the New York City Times description the method of turning rolling hills, rocky parcel into an efficient ballpark: “As the property is nowadays it would be be necessary to blast right along the ridge, isolating a slice eight feet or further. … There are approximately a hundred trees to be to pull up up by the roots.” Whenever NYC was on the road throughout its 1st year, construction employees came back to park on the hill to finish further renovations.

The team’s inaugural 1903 season did not attract a solid fan base. Season home number of fans amounted to 211,808, compared with the established NY Giants, the Highlander’s City rival, which Drew 579,530 fans. In 1904, the side subway terminal opened, attracting additional fans because the sports stadium became additionally accessible. Plus, baseball playing field conditions improved. That year, about 438,919 fans cheered on the Highlanders at their own ballpark, doubling the full number of fans from the previous year.

The National League Giants played somewhat south of hilltop Park at the Polo Grounds, which was between a hundred and fifty fifth and 159th Streets. The Giant’s {stadium|bowl|arena|sports sports stadium|structure|construction} burned down in a very huge fire in 1911 and also the Highlanders offered to share the hilltop stadium with their shared city opponent. Then, the subsequent year, the Highlanders relocated into the restored Polo Grounds changing their name formally to the Yankees. when 10 years, the last game completed at hilltop Park was in Oct of 1912. razed in 1914, the location of hilltop Park remained vacant till the development of the Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital.

From 1913 to 1922, the NYC Yankees completed their games at the rebuilt Polo Grounds. throughout their time at this sports stadium, the Yankees traded for George Herman Ruth from the Boston Red Sox and won its 1st american League pennant. The official Yankees sports stadium opened on April 18th,, 1923, and also the team dominated the AL remainder of the ’20s, with thanks to two ball players from Ruth and Gehrig.

From 1920 to 1934, the Yankees contended within the World Series 6 times, losing the championship 2 times. Then, with hits from all-star slugger Joe DiMaggio, the Yankees won the world Series four years in a very row between 1936 and 1939. The Bronx Bombers continuing to dominate, winning a World Series each year from 1949 to 1953.

In 1977 The Yankees ended their 15 year World Series drought Breaking their fifteen-year championship drought, with the help of Reggie Jackson who smacked 3 home runs during the world series game six vs the LA Dodgers.

While they won the world Series in 1978, the Yanks didn’t take another title till 1996. With Joe Torre and future captain Derek Jeter, the Yankees won four World Series and 6 american League titles between 1996 and 2003, with 3 championship wins straight in a row from 1998 to 2000.

The 1923 NY Yankees sports stadium was replaced with a replacement ballpark in 2009, . Costing $2.3 billion, it remains the record high-priced sports stadium ever constructed . With twenty seven world champions under their belt, the NY Yankees MLB team are the greatest productive team in USA sports. because the young team enters 2019 the Bronx Bombers are trying on the search for number twenty eight.

Sporting News Vs MLB Trade Rumors Who Is Better?

The Sporting News vs MLB Trade Rumors Who Is Better. What Makes These Two Publications Near The Top of Most Visited Websites? Good Writing, SEO Backlinks, Key Words, Bronx Bomber Blues Media Editor RJ Suitor opines between the two publications and what makes them score high on Alexa Web Ratings

By RJ Suitor, News Editor Bronx Bomber Blues

New York, NY As a journalist, entrepreneur , a sports media public relations and media site manager I have long been a reader of sports newspapers, magazines, periodicals from a far back as the 1960’s to today’s sports news market almost entirely online. Today I wanted to start comparisons of where sports or baseball fans go to get their appetites filled in quality sports news. The key may be choice of Key Words So let’s compare.

The Sporting News used to be one of my bibles a seeker of baseball news would turn to for insiders information, trade rumors, player highlights and more. Those were the days when we played baseball for a living as kids and teen years. Some of us went on to college becoming sports writers, coaching and other related fields.

Today many of the young baseball fans get all of their baseball knowledge on PlayStation with all their computer baseball analytics as their guide despite the fact they never picked up a baseball or bat in their life. “You meet many of these younger guys on the baseball forums including my own sports media site and chat forum at Bronx Bomber Blues. I named it after the famous New York Yankees often used as a team nickname of the Bronx Bombers, The Bronx Bomber The Bombers in Blue or the Bronx Bashers plus many more magical baseball nicknames but call them what you like.

As far as the Alexa Ratings go the measure of a website rankings in web traffic the lower your number the higher in rank you are. For example Google rates 1 world rank and 1 USA ranking. So when one compares the Sporting News vs MLB Trade Rumors goes the Sporting News ranks better in World Rank score of 6,803 and a US Ranking of 2,392 while MLB Trade Rumors ranks worse in World Ranking at 7,849 while ranks better in USA ranking at 1,550. These ranks can vary up and down but these are the ranks at time of this article.

So what has much to do with these rankings besides the pure amount of foot traffic to the site or the number of backlinks is the keywords associated with each sites articles posted on the web that warrant the most searches in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

All of these keyword is the product of you the fans in what you are searching for are what in part helps both these news platforms to the top no doubt spending huge amounts of money in google adwords which in turn raises each online sports news publications like Sporting News and MLB Trade Rumors to the top of Alexa ratings. That along with well written articles by a full time staff journalist, your traffic visits and good backlinks all play a roll. Look at the examples I wrote for valued key words each of these two publications. The words are when you search in Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines of your choice.

So what is my pick as the best. I happen to like both of them and read them both along with many publications posted on the web like other news media looking for writing topics. Still I will never forget the Sporting News along with Street and Smiths were my baseball bibles.

The Sporting News scored nicely on the following keywords:

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The New York Yankees 2019 season preview: It’s World Series or bust for Bronx Bombers

New York Yankees Preview 2019 Season

Tampa, FL It’s not typically a 100-win season sounds like a disappointment, however, it will once you are the NY Yankees and you finished eight games behind the Red Sox within the AL East, and that they stomped you within the ALDS on the way to a World Series title. once preseason opened a couple of weeks past, Yankees manager Aaron Boone admitted he watched Boston’s postseason run.

“I do not know if it had been to torture myself or what,” Manager Boone stated to reporters, together with them. “You place this hat on and this uniform on, to induce to wear a big league uniform, you should not want a lot of motivation, however to observe a team that you just recognize so well that is actually one in every of your rivals celebrate wherever you would like to be, I believe that adds a bit of fuel to the fire, certainly.”

The Yankees had their ALDS defeat with a really active offseason. actually the most active among division League contenders. They signed 5 big league free agents and swung 2 notable trades, all whereas losing just one vital contributor setup man David Robertson off their 2018 list.

Did the Yankees do enough to win their 1st AL East title since 2012 and their 1st World Series title since 2009? Let’s preview the approaching season within the Bronx Bombers.

Probable lineupAaron Hicks, CF

Aaron decide, RF

Giancarlo Stanton, DH

Luke Voit, 1B

Gary Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, C

Miguel Andujar, 3B

Gleyber Torres, 2B

Troy Tulowitzki, SS

Brett Gardner, LF

The Backups Utility Tyler Wade  Infield DJ LeMahieu,   Catcher Austin Romine

New York’s lineup is fairly fluid. there’ll be days Hicks, the team’s one notable left-handed hitter he is a switch-hitter, hits third between Aaron Judge and Stanton switch up the out prone righties. Also, LeMahieu is anticipated to play nearly every day with Tulowitzki and Gardner needing regular days off. when Gardner sits, Stanton would move to left field, Andujar would move to DH, and LeMahieu would play third.

Probable rotation RHP Luis Severino

LHP James Paxton

RHP Masahiro Tanaka

LHP J.A. Happ

LHP CC Sabathia

That is the planned rotation. it’s not the rotation the Yankees can have on an Opening Day, however. We’re planning to discuss the starting rotation in-depth during a bit. Hang tight.

Probable bullpen

Closer: LHP Aroldis ChapmanSetup: RHP Dellin Betances, LHP Zack Britton, RHP Adam OttavinoMiddle: RHP Chad Green, RHP Jonathan Holder, RHP Tommy KahnleLong: RHP Luis Cessa

The Yankees have a terrific deep bullpen. In terms of projected WAR, FanGraphs has it as roughly 40 % more than any other bullpen. Betances, Chapman, and Ottavino all finished within the prime 9 in strikeout rate last year and Britton is one among the game’s premier ground ball pitchers. Green would be the ace setup man on most different teams. With the Yankees, he is no higher than their fifth-best reliever. The Yankees are designed to smother their opponents with power arms within the late innings.

Injuries have already cut out the rotation holder trouble can stop Luis Severino from creating his second consecutive Opening Day pitcher. USATSI

Last week Severino had to be close up with what the Yankees are calling rotator cuff inflammation. He was warming up for his scheduled Grapefruit League begin once he felt some pain and had to be damaged. associate MRI showed no structural injury, however, Severino received a cortisone injection and anti-inflammatories, and can not throw a baseball for a minimum of a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, Sabathia continues to be working his way back from offseason knee and surgical process. He is not disabled, really. he is simply behind everybody else in preseason as a result of his December surgical process cut into his offseason work and put him not on time. Sabathia started his throwing program two weeks past and is about 3 weeks behind most starters.

The Yankees are without Severino and Sabathia on season-opening Day. They understand that surely. Sabathia additionally has got to serve a five-game suspension once he is prepared. So, at the instant, the team’s rotation depth chart sounds like this:

RHP Luis Severino can miss gap Day with a shoulder injury

LHP James Paxton

RHP Masahiro Tanaka seemingly to begin gap Day in Severino’s place

LHP J.A. Happ

LHP CC Sabathia can miss gap Day when offseason knee and surgical process

RHP Luis Cessa

RHP Domingo German

RHP Jonathan Loaisiga

RHP Michael King can miss gap Day with the elbow injury

RHP chance Adams

RHP player Hutchison

Barring a stunning Dallas Keuchel or Gio Gonzalez signing, the Yankees are seemingly to open the season with 2 of Cessa, German, and Loaisiga within the rotation, a minimum of weeks. Those 3 went into camp competing for the long man spot within the bullpen. currently, all 3 seemingly makes the team. For what it’s worth, Boone indicated the backup starters may be paired with an opener.

Bronx Bomber Blues a NYC based online media blog covering New York Yankees spring training vit us at

Miguel Andujar Proving His Hard Work Is Paying Off

Bronx Bomber Blues spring training media staff report positive reports on Miguel Andujar defense and offense are showing up.

Bronx Bomber Blues sports media staff is covering the New York Yankees spring training baseball in Tampa, FL monitoring all the Yankee breaking news or stories of interest as they happen.

Bronx Bomber Blues is a New York City based sports media organization featuring it’s New York Yankee fan site

LAKELAND, Fla. — Phil Nevin started 463 games at third base throughout his 12-year big league career, thus whereas baseball diamond coach Carlos Mendoza has been charged with to provide help for Bronx Bomber Miguel Andujar improve his defense at third, Nevin watches the 24-year-old closely, as well. That’s what Nevin was doing within the bottom of the third against the Tigers on Sunday with Detroit’s Jordy Mercer at the plate against Danny Coulombe.“I was keeping my eye on him at that moment,’’ same Nevin, WHO was managing the split squad to a 2-2 tie against the Tigers at Joker Marchant bowl whereas Aaron Boone was back in city with the opposite squad.

“Mercer could be a pull hitter.” And Mercer hit grounder ground ball to Andujar’s right. Andujar lunged to reach the ball and created a powerful throw to Luke Voit initially that the speedy Mercer beat out. Still, Nevin did think it a positive play by Andujar, has duplicated his primary focus within the offseason was up to his focus on defense.“His timed steps and landing is outstanding,’’ Nevin remarked. “His feet areas from under his feet help plant him. His initial footwork towards the ball — I’m not gonna say he doesn’t get to the baseball ball last year, however, he’s actually covering additional ground.’’

Miguel Andujars’ work began early during the offseason once Mendoza and Manager Aaron Boone visited Andujar in his native Dominican Republic at the Yankees baseball complex and it continues together with Andujar engaged on his own and repeatedly with Mendoza before early spring camp in the Yankees Tampa complex.“I undoubtedly feel more confident out there,’’ Andujar same through his interpreter before the sport. “I feel additional ready for each pitch. i do know that’s mandatory .’’The Yankees have been committed to Andujar at third because the team principally stayed out the Manny Machado sweepstakes and saw Nolan Arenado sign an extension to remain with the Rockies.

Circumstances may change or update quickly, except for time being, Andujar is our guy.“He simply desires reach higher,’’ Mendoza same. “When we met with him during offseason, we never not even mentioned Machado. Are fully confident in desired him to pay special attention to what he was doing and it’s paying off. His feet position is much faster at this time.’’ And perhaps the play he displayed on Sunday can prove to the Yankees additional optimism that Andujar can and will succeed at third.“It’s noticeable, particularly within the last week, that he’s applying what he did over the winter and also the 1st few weeks of early preseason,’’ Nevin claimed. “The results are working out perfectly.’’Andujar additionally added 2 opposite-field hits, including a double to right during the seventh inning of the gave vs the Detroit Tigers.

“He is using the total field, going the opposite way,’’ Nevin claimed. “That’s him right there, loads of extra-base hits.”He had fifty-eight of them a year past ANd an OPS rating of .838 when grabbing the everyday job thanks in large part to Brandon Drury played badly early within the season.Andujar same he’d prefer to be a lot of consistent at the plate in 2019, within outside of a 17-game stretch from late April to a period of time when he struggled in offense, Andujar was among the Yankees’ steadiest hitters. That didn’t enough stop him on playing, though, in their season-ending loss to Red Sox in the ALDS, as the Yankees went with Neil Walker at third.“I can’t predict the long run, however, I would like to be out there and to provide the most effective evidence of being able to perform,’’ Andujar added. “That’s the mentality.’’

RJ Suitor Bronx Bomber Blues Founder, Sports Media Director and Site Manager explains “My staff has been sending back some very positive reports on Miguel Andujar in his defense improvement, his footing and how he attacks the ball with outstanding throws to first base. I am being told he is hitting the ball to all fields with authority. It certainly looks like the Yankees have a budding star who will continue to demonstrate he owns the Yankees third base position. Our insiders are very pleased with what they are seeing in Andujar.”

Yankees Edge Pirates 6 to 5 Tie Tigers 2 to 2 In Spring Training Games

The New York Yankees played 2 spring training games in Florida Grapefruit League action winning 1 and tying the other Sunday March 10th

Tampa, FL The New York Yankees played two 1 PM Spring Training Games Sunday March 10th in Florida Grapefruit action and walked away with one win and one tie.

In Bradenton, Florida The Yankees defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 6 to 5 behind 8 hits 2 of which were home runs. Third basemen Gio Urshela hit a solo home run in the top half of the 5th inning his first spring training home run of the year and Zack Zehner hit a 2 run home run in the top half of the 8th inning with one on that was the difference in the game.

J Happ got the start for the Yankees going 4 innings giving up 5 hits 3 runs 2 home runs and stuck out 6. Tommy Kahnle 1-0 finished the game going 1.1 inning giving up 2 hits no runs and 1 strikeout to record the victory for the Yankees.

In Tampa, FL The New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers battled to a 2 to 2 tie going 9 innings. The Yankees 1b rookie Brandon Wagner cracked his first spring training home run in the top of the 8th inning but the Tigers were able to tie the game in the bottom of the 8th inning. Miguel Andujar recorded 2 hits in 3 trips to the plate including a double to pace the offense.

Nestor Cortes started the game for the Yankees going 2.1 innings giving up 2 hits 1 run 1 home run and 1 strike out. 7 Yankee pitchers combined for 6 hits 2 runs striking out 9 Tigers in the game.

The Yankees now 8-6 in Grapefruit league action have Monday off and will host the Baltimore Orioles at Tampa at 6:35 PM Tuesday March 12th.

Bronx Bomber Blues Media Team home of online Yankee Fans at covers the New York Yankees Spring in training action .

New York Yankees Club The Baltimore Orioles 6 to 1

Bronx Bomber Blues Spring Training News Staff Reporting From Spring Training Florida Grapefruit League That The Yankees Gary Sanchez Drove in 2 RBI’s Pacing the Yankees Offensive Attack

Sarasota, FL Baltimore Orioles played host to the New York Yankees in front of the crowd at Ed Smith Stadium and the New York Yankees walked away with a 6 to 1 drubbing of the Baltimore Orioles by a score of 6 to 1. The Yankees combined for 9  hits including Yankees Catcher Gary Sanchez who went 2 for 2  driving in 2 runs, Yankees rookie minor league infielder Angel third basemen Angel  Aguliar connected for his first solo home run of in the top of the spring training in 9th inning to help pace the Yankees offensive attack.

The Baltimore Orioles run came in the bottom of the 9th inning by rookie first baseman J. C. Escarra who hit a solo home run accounting for the Orioles only run in the ballgame.

Yankees starting pitcher Luis Cessa pitcher pitched 4 innings of shutout ball giving up just 1 hit no walks while striking out 4 to earn his first spring training win vs no losses.  The Oriole starting pitcher David Hess absorbed the loss his first with zero wins lasting 3.1 innings giving up 3 hits 2 runs both earned no walks while striking out 3 Yankee batters.

Bronx Bomber Blues Sports Media creator RJ Suitor stated: ” My staff had good compliments for Yankees Gary Sanchez hitting the ball with authority and driving in 2 runs.”  “It’s good to see Sanchez starting to hit the ball,” comments Suitor

RJ Suitor adds “I also had good on the Yankees pitching performance by all 5 Yankee pitchers who combined 12 strikes 3 walks
and Luis Cessa had quite an excellent start. The Yankees are going to need 2 of their young pitchers to replace both Luis Severino and  CC Sabathia at the start of the regular season.”  

The Yankees will have 2 Split Squad games on Sunday, March 10th as part of the team will travel to Lakeland Fl to take on the Tigers at 1 PM and the other Yankees SS team will be playing host to the Pittsburg Pirates at 1 PM in Tampa. 

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New York Yankees To Purchase Back YES 3.47 Billion

Reports New York Yankees Amazon To Purchase YES Network For $3.47 Billion. Is Jeff Bezos Heading To NY Anyways?

Story by Joint Writing Staff Bronx Bomber Blues

In a deal that touches all the bases, then the big apple NY Yankees franchise is purchasing back the YES Network for $3.47 billion. The deal is formally proclaimed these days, per my insiders involved in the talks but asked to remain anonymous.

The Yankees launched YES, the most-watched regional sports network within the country, in 2002, and also the original investors were the team, Goldman Sachs and also the house owners of the New Jersey currently Brooklyn Nets five. The affirmative Network options programming for the Yankees, Brooklyn Nets, the big apple town FC majors football, Manchester town Premier League and also the Atlantic Coast Conference.

A minority stake in affirmative was sold to Fox in 2012, and Fox raised its stake to eightieth in 2014. The valuation of the sale to Fox was over $4 billion as well as $1.7 billion of debt, with the Yankees share valued at $4.2 billion and also the Goldman and Nets parts each valued at $3.9 billion. RJ Suitor Founder of Bronx Bomber Blues Yankee News Chat and Yankee Rumors cites he has some very good sources that are involved in the discussions who wanted to remain anonymous on the subject.

An earlier story by the NY Post, that same an affirmative deal was impending and cited Amazon leading the cluster shopping for affirmative, was incorrect. The Yankees are the lead investors when the present deal closes in concerning one hundred twenty days. The partners with the Yankees area unit Amazon and Sinclair Broadcast cluster and investors embrace RedBird Capital, Blackstone, Mubadala Investment Co., Ontario Teachers’ retirement savings plan and also the Michael holler fund.

Last summer, Walt Disney united to unload /Twenty-first Century Fox’s twenty-two regional sports networks to secure DoJ approval of its acquisition of major twenty first Century Fox assets. The combined valuation for the twenty-two RSNs was originally expected to fetch some $20 billion. however the overall is currently a lot of seemingly to be around $13 billion as valuation multiples for RSNs have fallen because of cord-cutting.

RJ Suitor states ” There has been a lot of chatter regarding these insider discussions. Some of the reports coming out are accurate while some is leading to speculation of it’s exact accuracy. “

The new affirmative construct can enable the Yankees to possess programming with a bigger footprint on each broadcasting Sinclair and immoderate Amazon, particularly since MLB is giving its groups back management of direct-to-consumer programming instead of league management. it’ll conjointly pave the means for affirmative to be a national OTT network remember to the late Nineteen Nineties once publisher used a string of RSNs to vie as a de facto national network with Disney’s ESPN.

Bronx Bomber Blues R.J. Suitor commented that ” There is definitely something really big here. I have been letting out small amounts on our Bronx Bomber Blues social networks, or hints of discussions we could at least confirm as accurate but due to the high level of discussions we wished to be especially cautious of what we were stating was 100% accurate of we could say from my insider sources.”

Last season, the Yankees averaged 277,000 viewers per game on affirmative, out and away the foremost in baseball. per SNL Kagan, affirmative commands the best monthly affiliate fee $6.37 of any RSN, fifty-three cents over range 2 Fox Sports port. Analysts estimate affirmative can throw off concerning $400 million in income within the sense of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization this year, many lots of over the other RSN.

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